Bringing AI Agents to the Factory Floor


Empowering Industries, Transforming Lives

At Maneva, we are on a mission to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through the power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is simple yet transformative: to empower manufacturers with cutting-edge AI agents that enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and elevate quality standards on the factory floor.

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Maneva is Founded

Maneva was founded in Toronto, Canada on October 2021 by Rae Jeong, who came from Google Deepmind, and Kelvin Chan, who was a R&D engineer from Magna International. The company was founded with a mission to bring the latest advancements in AI automation to key industries to tackle the labor crisis.


Growing Momentum

From the company's inception, Maneva attracted key individuals and AI advocates from the food manufacturing space to serve on its advisory board and project team.

Kevin Sun, a strategic investor, an EY Entrepreneur Award winner, and key insider from the food manufacturing industry, officially joined on as Maneva's COO in January 2024.


Expanding Outreach

Maneva now has customers located throughout Ontario and Quebec, with further engagements everywhere from British Columbia, to the United States, and beyond.

Maneva's remote capabilities allows it to bring impact anywhere in the world.

Where We Operate

Maneva is primarily located in Toronto, amongst one of largest manufacturing clusters in North America. Geographics is not a limiting factor for our mission, as our team is spread out and operates across Ontario and Quebec.

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